Withdrawal Options

You can withdraw your investment when you stop working for your current employer. You can also withdraw your investment, even while you remain employed by your employer, if you’ve reached the retirement age for your plan and your employer consents.

The retirement age for your employer plan is specified in the Supplement. You can request a copy from your employer or by contacting ANZ Investments on 0800 736 034.

If you die while you’re a member, your investment will be paid to those persons responsible for administering your will, or dealing with your assets if you haven’t made a will.

How to make a withdrawal

If you’re eligible and would like to make a withdrawal, complete a retirement withdrawal form and send it to ANZ Investments with certified identification and proof of residential address (PDF). The form is available from your financial adviser, or you can contact ANZ Investments on 0800 736 034.

It usually takes up to 10 working days to process your withdrawal request. You’ll receive a confirmation letter once your withdrawal request has been completed.