Keeping Track

It’s easy to keep track of your investment in your employer plan.

ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ goMoney

Use ANZ Internet Banking and the ANZ goMoney app to check your balance, transaction history and your investment’s performance.

How to register for ANZ Internet Banking

If you’re an ANZ banking customer, you can register online at Click on ‘Register’ and complete the online form.

How to register for the ANZ goMoney app

If you’re an ANZ banking customer, you can download the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Find out more about ANZ goMoney.

If you’re not an ANZ banking customer, you need to provide us with proof of identity to use ANZ Internet Banking and/or ANZ goMoney. Visit your nearest branch where staff will be happy to verify your documents and get you started. Click here to see a full list of acceptable identity documents (PDF).

If you need assistance, call ANZ Investments on 0800 736 034.

By mail or email

You’ll receive information about your investment by mail or email, including:

You can receive some of your communications by email if you provide us with your current email address. To provide or update your email address, email or call 0800 736 034. You’ll need to provide your full name, date of birth, IRD number and email address.